All Students, All Classrooms: Hands On With Web 2.0

How you can use project-based learning AND collaborative online environments AND Universal Design to teach all students (with no extra planning!)

Did You Know?
YouTube video that, by the time it was posted, was already out of date. Check it out to see some interesting data.

State of the Internet
Similar to Did You Know? Worth taking a look!

Social Media Revolution
Is Social Media a fad? Or the biggest shift in thinking since the Industrial Revolution?

Digital Footprint Resource
Teach your students (of any age) about their digital footprint and learn why it's important.

How large is your digital footprint?
Interactive quiz through Discovery that demonstrates how and what information is collected throughout the day.

How to Differentiate Instruction With Technology
Article explaining strategies for using technology to differentiate your classes.

Differentiate with Technology Wiki
Wiki devoted entirely to helping teachers effectively use technology to differentiate their classes. Great links and resources inside!

Social Learning Platform that will help you move towards a blended learning environment.

Blending social networking and learning management, this tool works more like Blackboard or Moodle and less like Edmodo

Google Docs/Forms
Online documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and even make-your-own online quizzes! (If you Google it, you can use conditional formatting to have the quizzes grade themselves!)

Grade your Google forms... AUTOMATICALLY!

Edublogs /Blogger /Wordpress /Tumblr/ Posterous
Blogging tools. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Most schools allow edublogs; Tumblr is probably the quickest/easiest of the four.

Wikispaces /Wetpaint /PBWorks
Three different wiki tools. You are on a wikispace right now, I've used wetpaint with my students, and PBWorks has a very robust feature set.

Animoto (go to for your FREE All-Access pass!)
The end of slideshows! Make quick, simple videos that will WOW your students (or that students can use to WOW their parents!)

More online video creators

Create interactive, online stories. (Geared for younger learners.)
Real-time document collaboration, no sign-in required!
Collaborative mind mapping

Glogster (Educational version)
Create online, interactive multimedia presentations; the end of the tri-fold poster board!

Wordle /Tagul
Create beautiful word clouds.

Office 365/SlideShare/SlideRocket/Zoho Docs
Web-based productivity tools

Online image editors

How to use YouTube videos in class
Download YouTube videos to use in your classroom!

Apps (small representation from larger document):

Dictionary - using predictive text, search for a word and its definition/synonym in context from or
Math Drills..Lite - basic drills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
Word Warp - rearrange the given letters to make as many words as possible
Word Magic - with a picture shown and a letter missing, select the correct choice to finish the word
Bills & Coins - learn to identify coins
Doodle Kids - use a finger to draw random shapes in random colors then shake to erase
Preschool Adventure - 6 interactive activities to learn colors, shapes, body parts, numbers, animal matching and sounds
ABC Pocket Phonics...Lite - combines 3 apps into 1: letter sounds, writing practice, and 170 first words
iResponse - classroom responder system for interactive lectures
Dragon Dictation/Dragon Search- voice recognition to see, speak, edit your text
Audiobooks- powered by; contains thousands of free, public domain audiobooks; free version or ad-free for $.99; ad-free allows you to download the books for offline listening

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