This week and next (Dec. 7-21), members of this wiki will be working together to establish a time line and guidelines for our first interactive, online meeting.

Educators have a lot to share and learn when it comes to integrating technology into education. By developing an online professional development community, we are able to create and draw from multiple sources and experiences.

Members will collaborate on this wiki, Learn-Teach-Integrate.

Increase technology use and integration into classroom instruction for the express purpose of increasing learning and retention of all content areas.

Grade Level:
Early childhood and up

Greg Garner- Facilitator
Other members as identified on the home page of the wiki

Members will begin working on a shared vision for their own development. (30 minutes, should be dynamic statement rather than a static one)
Members will share one lesson plan each that demonstrates learning of one area of the Technology Applications TEKS (1 hour)
Discussion (time as needed)