What to expect:

  • Learn more about technology
  • Explore best-practice techniques for classroom instruction
  • Design ways to integrate technology into your classroom
  • My Electronic Portfolio as required by my Educational Technology Leadership program through Lamar University
  • LOTS of collaboration! (please add content/questions you feel will contribute to our collective learning)

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Why technology?

It is no secret that our world is seeing rapid change, much of it centered around technology. There is much talk about preparing students for the 21st century when the reality is that the 21st century is nearly a tenth of way completed. Students need to be prepared for jobs that haven't been invented yet; jobs that will certainly require a high level of technical skill. Paul Krugman of MIT notes the duality facing tomorrow's workforce in how technology has a very polarizing effect: never have people gotten so rich, so quickly but never have so many people been put at a disadvantage because of technology illiteracy. His proposal has clear implications for today's students: technology provides both the greatest potential and greatest barrier to entrance. Google is just over a decade old and is producing over a billion dollars of revenue every quarter . Based on findings by the Texas Education Agency , classroom teachers (and school districts as a whole) are becoming not only more comfortable with technology, but more proficient with it. Looking at what is required of students, this is very good news! As teachers become more comfortable and even proficient with using technology in their everyday instruction, students will rise to these expectations and be able to create new, innovative uses of technology into their own learning.

Something to ponder...

Would you consider yourself more comfortable with technology as compared to 2 years ago? 5 years? 10?
How have technology and the expected use of it changed the way you teach? Or have you always taught the same way?

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